Program Analysis Coaching Package

Now enrolling coaches

Let me walk you through and thorough evaluation & analysis of your program.



In addition, I am offering individual coaching sessions in-between program meetings in a punch card formate (use as you want). These can be used to dive deeper into material introduced in the program, or on other personal development goals the coach brings to the session. The 4 session punch card is $300 (expires April 1, 2021).

Week 1: Personal Energy

Week 2: Leadership

Week 3: Staff Management

Week 4: Player Development 

Week 5: Standards

Week 6: Administration

Week 7: Fundraising / Donor Involvement 

Week 8: Recruiting

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: The cohort will be limited to 6 participants. Additional cohorts will be added to accommodate interest & time zones. Due to the intimate nature of the workshop, coaches may be familiar with each other but should not be close friends. This program will be offered again for your coaching friends and others on your staff.