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 Rookie Head Coach Package

Now enrolling coaches

You have embarked on an amazing journey! No doubt you have been preparing for this chapter for quite some time. You are prepared. You are talented. You are running on fumes!

My first two years as the head coach at North Dakota State were filled with mixed emotions. One day I was thrilled to be pouring into our players and energized by their commitment to improvement. The next, I was overwhelmed with decisions that needed to be made within the hour. I had a great staff, but still I knew I couldn't overwhelm them by oversharing, or better yet - over tasking.

I was quite literally drinking from a firehose.

You don't have to feel overwhelmed and rundown before the season even starts.

I help rookie head coaches sort their thoughts, manage their feelings, and implement policies & procedures. 

Stepping into a 1v1 coaching engagement with me is like pressing the pause button. I welcome you as the hot mess that you are. 

Program Topics

Calendar Management

Work/Life Blend

Boundaries & Standards

Leadership Style


Alumni Engagement

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