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The Coaches' Coach  

Football Teammates

Being a collegiate sports coach can be a lonely profession, especially when you transition from an assistant role to the head coach. Your staff is helpful. Your administration is invested. Yet, running all aspects of your own program is a huge task. Furthermore, many hurdles, topics, and thoughts just cannot be fully discussed and dissected with staff or department colleagues.


Who is ensuring your personal and professional development? That is your responsibility and one that often gets pushed to the side. This is where I, as an unbiased and professional coach, will partner with you to master your mindset, live to standards rather than feelings, win each and every day, and so much more.


Coaching is an investment in your individually tailored personal and professional development. The great thing is you drive every session. As your coach, I construct the purposeful and powerful questions which provide the framework for growth.

Example Coaching Focus
  • Working with Administration

  • Staff Dynamics

  • Managing Transitions

  • Personal Development - Boundaries, Self-care, Habits

  • Goal Setting

  • Personal, Program, and Career Values

  • Effective Communication

  • Thoughtful leadership for racial and cultural equality

As a leadership coach for athletic coaches, I work with leaders

who are pulled in many ways and do not have consistent time dedicated to working on personal and professional development. What are the roadblocks inhibiting the growth you desire?

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