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Elevating Leaders - The Firm

Every head coacH has made a less than stellar hire!

 I am on a mission to never let that happen again! 

Maren has 15 years of coaching experience at the division 1 level in both the mid-major and power 5 conferences. As an assistant and head coach she has been intimately involved in hiring more than 10 assistant coaches and staff members. Over the past 4 years, her work as a program strategist and professional coach makes her uniquely qualified in running Elevating Leaders - The Firm.

The first of its kind, Elevating Leaders - The Firm, is a boutique search firm supporting head coaches hire for opening on their staffs. Next to recruiting talented players who 'fit' the program, surrounding ones self with complimentary and high performing staff is of upmost importance for every head coach. 

As a head coach, your runway is short and the stress is high. Having staff who balance your weak spots, while holding your vision of the program as their own, is paramount.

From my own experience, I know I overlooked pink and red flags when hiring because the process was laborious and the candidates checked many of my 'must have' boxes. Each time I paid the price.

Elevating Leaders - The Firm, exists to bring a level of professionalism & integrity to the hiring process. With Maren's 'coach approach' she will spend time ensuring you (the hiring HC) are clear on your values, what you need to be successful, and what does not work within the culture of your program. Maren will serve as your subconscious and act on intuition to gain clarity where deeper questions need to be asked - regardless of potential responses.

The best way to see how Maren can help you in your staffing needs is to reach out!


  • Managing of all incoming inquiries to you the HC (simply forward to them to us)

  • Culture & Needs Call (with you the client)

  • Initial Interest Call 

  • Vetting Calls (with potential candidates)

  • Reference Calls

  • Social Media Scrub

  • Resume & Portfolio Evaluation

  • Real Time Updates

We cut your time in the hiring process in half, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the program. You forward all the inquires to us, and we do the grunt work. This allows you to be fresh and untainted when you take over and interview the opt candidates.


"Working with Maren for our coaching hires was a godsend! 


Her firm was masterful in uncovering candidates who were a great fit for the positions we had open, which allowed me to be more efficient and focused with my interview time."
Power 5 Head Coach

"The SEARCH FIRM freed me up to continue running our program, while candidates were being vetted and researched."
Head Coach

"Using the firm allowed me to maintain relationships with candidates after the search concluded by not having to inform them that we were moving in another direction."
10+ year Head Coach

"The search firm was truly valuable on so many levels. I will absolutely use them again in the future."
Power 5 Head Coach

Connecting Good People

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