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Elevating Leaders

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Elevating Leaders provides personal and professional development to broad-based motivated leaders in obtaining their highest degree of impact. Maren desires her clients to soar and take on that next big adventure and achieve their goals.

With Elevating Leaders, there is no set formula or program.  Maren believes each client brings unique experiences, views, and expertise to the partnership, and therefore meets each client where they are in their journey. No two sessions will be identical, with the exception of action plans designed to foster the intended growth. 

Ideal clients know they want to be coached and are excited to push their personal limits. They do not see me as a 'nice to have' but as an integral part of their personal team and their program. They have high expectations for themselves and know their best work is done when pushed and challenged for their next level. They are head coaches at all divisions. They have been in college athletics for decades. They are rookies. The common thread is they desire more, and trust me to help them find their next level.

Ideal clients are people just like you!

Abstract Structure
  • I want a better balance in life

  • I am ready to make a shift

  • I feel overly stressed

  • I desire more energy

  • I want to win at this game called 'life'

  • I want to have more impact 

  • I am a hard worker, but still, find myself frustrated with the lack of results

  • I want to enhance and grow my skills

  • I desire more fulfilling relationships

  • I spend too much time 'fixing' when I want to move forward

  • I lack the follow-up necessary

  • I need guidance and support

If you agree with 2 or more of these statements,

you are in the right place!

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