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 Scouting Fundamentals
Online Training

Now enrolling coaches

Many people think, "They hired me, I'm supposed to know what I'm doing."


This causes frustration on everyone's part, and ensures endless back and forth between parties. 

This training is designed to minimize that feeling and will bridge the gap between where young staff members are, and where head coaches expect them to be.

Participants will leave this training with a full understanding of what is meant when the head coach says, “whose got the next scout?” We will cover best practices & how to’s in watching the actual film, personal organization, and note taking skills. We will also cover the organization and execution of the paper scout, and the video scout.

I will teach the participants as if they were scouting on my staff this year.

Head coaches will still be expected to communicate program preferences in categories, emphasis, terminology, etc.

**Note, this is NOT a technology training. This IS a knowledge and expectations training.

Benefit to HC...

  • Better equipped, better prepared & more skilled staff members

  • Teaching time cut in half

  • Less energy spent in frustration, worry & wonder if they 'get it'

  • Staff members will bring perspective to your conversation

  • More accuracy in meeting your exception the first time!

Training Details

Who: Any staff member new to scouting at the D1 level

When: Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Time: 12-1pm ET

Cost: $108

Benefit to Participant...

  • Clear understanding of HC expectations

  • Confidence to meet expectations

  • Safe space to ask questions to truly understand the nuances 

  • Bolster the skills you used last season

  • Bring a solid understanding of total scope of task to meetings

  • Repetition of hearing 'best practices'

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